Thursday, February 26, 2009

DWF drawings now also in Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera or Safari

Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari
Even when you are using alternative internet browsers, you can now also utilize DWF objects for interactive viewing of CAD drawings inside web pages. This is a new option to the current Freewheel web rendering service.

The newly released Firefox Add-on for Autodesk Design Review (see Autodesk Labs) is an add-on for displaying objects of the Design Review application also in non-MSIE browsers - these do not support ActiveX objects by default. The object with DWF or DWFx data allows fully interactive access to your CAD data - similar to the standalone Autodesk Design Review application. So you can use such web pages not only in the standard Internet Explorer, but also in browsers like Firefox (Mozilla), Opera, Google Chrome or Apple Safari.

DWF is a publishing format for effective, precise and secure transfer, markup and measuring of CAD data.

More information, tips and samples (in Czech) on XANADU DWF and DWF-FF sample (not for MSIE).

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Todella kattava kokoelma

... you don't understand? This is one of the web links to our free CAD Blocks Library on the web. In Finnish it means (according to Google Translate) something like "a truly comprehensive collection".

And this is also a typical assessment of in hundreds of other similar links from webs and discussion forums from all over the world. Already more than 4.000 blocks are available for download for all users of AutoCAD, Revit, or Inventor. If you are looking for 3D blocks, 2D symbols, dynamic blocks, details and libraries in the DWG, RFA or IPT formats -- for your architectural project, visualization, map, electrical scheme, mechanical assembly, for your school work or just for your inspiration when making your own blocks -- in our Block catalog, you will most probably find the right block.

And don't forget to give back your own blocks. Uploading a new file to the Catalog is very simple and your masterpiece is immediately published for all other visitors - including the automatically generated preview image (thumbnail). Show off your useful blocks or take an ad by publishing CAD blocks of the products of your company.