Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Autodesk Fusion 360 with online collaboration

The newest version of Autodesk Fusion 360, a cloud-based 3D modeler, offers extended tools for online collaboration of design teams. The application dashboard gives an easy to use overview of the latest changes in your models and in projects you are participating in. A similar dashboard is accessible also from any web browser, including mobile devices.

You can also preview contents of your CAD models (in any usual CAD format) - either as pre-rendered views or as an interactive 3D viewer. No software installation is required - just start your HTML5-enabled web browser (e.g. Chrome) and go to or (for phones).

Fusion 360 is free for non-commercial use.

More information and screenshots on New Fusion 360 available as rental CAD.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Icosidodecahedron and other 3D folded paper models from 123D Make

Autodesk 123D Make is a free maker application which can process 3D models and allow to make them real using stacked cardboard slices. This web application now offers also a second producing method for your 3D models - folded paper panels.

Load any mesh model (STL or OBJ file), set the "folded paper" method (see below), the model complexity (coarse, rough, fine), adjust the model size (depth, width, height) and the sheet size - your paper source sheets. Apply all changes and refresh the right "Sheet Preview" panel (click on a sheet to zoom details). The paper sheets with your unfolded model can be downloaded as EPS files for printing and cutting along the outlines. Also cut the slits. Then fold the tabs and insert them into the correspondigly numbered slots. Glue together.

The producing method can be selected from the bottom toolbar:

You can export STL files from most CAD software. OBJ and STL files can be pre-processed in Autodesk MeshMixer or Memento or FBX Converter. The displayed icosidodecahedron model comes from AutoCAD. Here is this 123D Make model.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Acquisition of and libraries for Intel Edison

In September 2013, Autodesk started cooperation with and integrated this cloud app with its own tools of the Autodesk 123D family.

Autodesk now performed a complete acquisition of the technology and development team of incorporating this design tool to its portfolio of applications for design of electronic circuits and simulation. allows to design and simulate electronic circuits using libraries of real electronic components. You can also use it to design and even manufacture printed circuit boards (PCB) for the proposed circuits.

The increasing availability and popularity of various electronic real-world sensors and programmable controllers opens opportunities for easy creation of various smart devices and practical electronic gadgets. For example the community website contains over 2,000 designs of devices employing the popular Arduino programmable controller. Projects developed using the application "123D Circuits" range from simple flashing LED circuits to autopilot devices for flying drones.

Autodesk also collaborates with Intel. The revolutionary computer Intel Edison introduced yesterday at the CES 2014 (miniature computer in SD-card with WiFi and BlueTooth) is being added to the mechanical and electrical libraries in 123D Circuits, so it is possible to design and manufacture devices based on Edison in 123D Circuits.

This cloud tool is available on