Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Amaze your client with 360° panorama

Nothing is good enough when you need to present a project to your client. But there is a surprisingly simple method for interactive presentation of 3D CAD projects (models) which gives a quite clear vision even to non-professionals - panoramas. Interactive 360° panoramas allow to look around, up and down, zoom in to details and dolly out for a general view.

You even don't need any software to create such panoramatic images. Photorealistic renderings of interiors and exteriors in your 3D projects from AutoCAD or Revit can be prepared in the cloud application Autodesk 360 Rendering, a part of "Autodesk 360" web cloud services.

Just login to your Autodesk account and upload your DWG or RVT project file (with possible additional materials and textures) to the "360 Rendering" service. Then choose the camera view, enter the rendering quality parameters and let the Autodesk cloud servers do the work for you. The resulting rendering will appear in your private gallery window or you will receive an e-mail notification when your rendering job sequence is completed.

Img 1: RVT file uploaded, cloud computes the first visualization...

Img 2: the option "Render as > Panorama" creates a 360° panorama from the image

Img 3: the resulting panorama can be viewed interactively directly in your web browser

You can also Download the panorama from its context menu. The resulting hi-res JPG file contains 6 rendered views of your 3D scene. You can view it interactively also outside the Autodesk cloud - either with a web application (e.g. flash - Pano viewer - example) in your web browser, or also off-line, with a simple free Windows application "KubeGL". Start the viewer with:

KubeGL PanoramaName.jpg

An example of Autodesk 360 panorama to try out - Basic_revit_architecture.rvt_2013-1-22_Kitchen.jpg (3.9MB, 1000x6000px)

(via Nick T.)

CAD Studio upholds its Autodesk Platinum partnership

CAD Studio, an Autodesk value-added reseller since 1991 based in the Czech Republic, upholds its top "Platinum" partnership level for the next year 2013. In the last year, 2012, CAD Studio has reported a 13.5% revenue growth and 53% growth in CAD and GIS services (see details).

Also the figures of our web services increased substantially in 2012. E.g. the CADforum.cz web site with over 380,000 of user registrations receives up to 27,300 unique visits daily.

We would like to thank our customers and web users for these successful results.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Trick AutoCAD or Inventor to install in Windows 8

MS Windows 8 will be officially supported only in new versions of Autodesk CAD applications - in the 2014-family. But with a special, unofficial procedure you can install also AutoCAD 2013 or 2012, AutoCAD LT or Inventor 2013 in the new Microsoft Windows 8 operating system (both 32-bit and 64-bit).

So if you have a new notebook or desktop PC with Windows 8 and you don't want to wait for the compatibile versions 2014, you can use the installation and run method described in the Tip 9032 on CADforum.cz and run the current version of your favorite CAD software today.

Inventor 2013 in Windows 8