Thursday, December 17, 2015

DWGsign - protect contents of your AutoCAD drawings

As already the 29th application by CAD Studio published in Autodesk Exchange Apps store, the AutoCAD add-on DWGsign was released recently. CADstudio DWGsign is a simple to use AutoCAD utility which watermarks your DWG drawing document with a unique, permanent and invisible silent signature containing your name or the name of your company. This add-on tool helps to protect your intellectual property as you can prove ownership of the original content in any future DWG file which is based on this signed document. Your original signature can be checked and viewed using the free DWGsign Reader application.

No one will copy your work!

DWGsign does not prove an unmodified state of the original document (like digital signature does), it just proves that a particular drawing is based on your original data. Non-authorized users (even in your company) cannot remove the DWG signature. The signature remains part of the DWG file even if the DWGsign utility is not installed on a workstation. Its use is completely transparent to standard AutoCAD operations.

This is how DWGsign is used

More info on the DWGsign homepage.

See/try/buy DWGsign and other CAD Studio tools on Exchange Apps.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Measure and markup CAD data in Autodesk A360

The cloud service for CAD document management, Autodesk A360, gets more and more useful functions. Especially the universal CAD data viewer A360 Viewer (can be used also separately) can replace - thanks to its support of almost all widely used 2D and 3D CAD formats (not only files from Autodesk products) - existing desktop applications requiring installation, maintenance and OS-compatibility updates. The whole A360 is built on purely internet technologies HTML5 a so you can use it with just a plain internet browser, ony any device. You may want to install the free application A360 Mobile for better performance on mobile devices.

For your projects maintained by Autodesk A360, you can new use the markup function for any type of CAD data, plus the measure function for 2D views (and 3D models with topology). This adds to the existing functions for secure online communication with your customers and team members. You can use section planes and section boxes on your 3D models, display the assembly tree structure and properties of the clicked model elements. Today, you don't need the complicated and barely secure FTP setups, nor the limited functionality of sending files over e-mail. Try the intelligent workplace and advanced functions of the A360 cloud on your own drawings and models on

Markups in a STEP file

Section box in a 3D DWG file

Commented section in an Inventor assembly

Measuring in a Revit project

Measure in an AutoCAD drawing

Monday, December 14, 2015

We give out CAD tools for Christmas (again)

Again, for the thirteenth time already, CAD Studio gives out its traditional Christmas presents - CAD tools for all AutoCAD, Inventor and Revit users.

Extend Windows Explorer to recognize Revit file version, punch your favorite photos into sheet metal in Inventor, make your DWGs more intelligent by storing LISP macros into them, add virtual parts from Excel to Inventor assemblies, make linetypes on the fly, or pick another of the productivity tools for your everyday work.

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