Thursday, April 21, 2011

AutoCAD WS Mobile for Android - finally an AutoCAD for Linux

Autodesk has released a free mobile version of AutoCAD - AutoCAD WS Mobile for Android. All users with mobile phones and tablets equipped with the Google Android operating system can now view and edit DWG files on their "pocket" devices, smartphones and tablets.

AutoCAD WS for Android is - similarly to the existing iOS version for Apple iPhone and iPad - a client application communicating with the Autodesk's internet "cloud" server - AutoCAD WS. But you don't need to be online for editing and reviewing operations on a DWG drawing. AutoCAD WS Mobile works also in a off-line mode. And because Android is based on Linux, AutoCAD WS for Android is actually the long worshipped version of AutoCAD for Linux!

The communication with AutoCAD WS (updating DWG files, history, publishing) is included in the new AutoCAD 2012 family, including the LT version.

AutoCAD WS for Android (5.25MB) can be downloaded from the Android Market (ideally directly from your Android device).

Monday, April 4, 2011

Updated cloud renderer service - Project Neon

Autodesk Project Neon - the best CAD-related cloud application and a typical example what server clouds can bring to general CAD users - has been updated this Friday. Project Neon takes your 3D scene stored in an uploaded DWG file, puts the cloud servers in hard work and creates photorealistic renderings (raster images) of the views you specify. So the "cloud" simply does the work for you and you don't need the extra hardware performance usually needed for 3D renderings.

The updated version now offers faster renderings (up to 5x!), environment maps, texture filtering, support for larger models, support for sub-entity materials (this was important), more accurate UV mapping, support for proxy objects and 2.5D objects (wide lines).

Try yourself at

(via Labs Blog)