Revit plugin Class Feeder has been released on Autodesk App Store

Our new Revit plugin Class Feeder has been released on Autodesk App Store last week. Class Feeder was created with a simple goal in mind: to make Revit project Classification with CCI codes as simple and fast as possible. CCI (Construction Classification International) classification system is international classification system spearheaded by the Construction Classification International Collaboration organization and it is currently being tested in several European countries. It seems that CCI will be mandated in the future by the state apparatus in countries such as Czechia, Slovakia, Estonia, Poland or Lithuania. For more information on the latest development of CCI implementation, read the report from the CCIC Seminar in December 2022.

Class Feeder has been released on Autodesk App Store

The CCI classification system is so called faceted system, which means that elements can be classified in several of these facets. This is quite similar structure to the Danish CCS and Swedish CoClass systems. CCI currently consists of 6 facets: Construction Complex, Construction Entity, Built Space, Functional System, Technical System and Construction Component. This six-prong classification can bring some complications in Revit, as classification codes need to be written to several parameters. Class Feeder, with its user-friendly interface, enables easy switching between facets and always writes the code to correct parameter.

Example of CCI classification of project entities

Another important characteristic of the application is that it loads CCI classification tables automatically from the Czech Standardization Agency database, so users can always be certain, that they are using the latest classification codes. The user does not have to manage classification tables. English and Czech versions of classification tables are currently supported. These tables include class codes, names, and synonyms. Including synonyms in the application is very useful, because Class Feeder enables users to easily search the database to find their desired code. Correct project classification helps all stakeholeders to communicate and understand each other throughout the whole lifecycle of the building - from design, through construction up to operations. Proper classification is the cornerstone of good BIM processes. 

The user-friendly interface of Class Feeder enables users to complete the tedious task of object classification very efficiently. Selection can be done by Revit category, type and instances directly in the application dialogue. Users can also select objects individually in the viewport. Several other tools enable organization of the current view to separate classified objects from not yet classified objects. What’s more, Class Feeder performs classification checking and when it is turned on, users can easily see which objects were not yet classified with their red color code.

Class Feeder is being actively developed by Arkance Systems CZ and can be downloaded on the Autodesk App Store. Currently a flash promo is available: use Class Feeder for free until the 30th June 2024. To access this flash promo, users can simply fill in this form. After that date, commercial sales of Class Feeder licenses will begin.