Custom development of CAM postprocessors for Fabrication CAMduct


A key component of all CAM programs is the translation of their results, the computed toolpaths and manufacturing processes, into the language and capabilities of a given CNC machine - the so-called postprocessor. This applies both to standard machine CAD/CAM software applications (machining, cutting, bending, 3D printing) and to specialized CAM software, such as furniture or sheet metal parts, for example air ducts.

There are currently only two CAM postprocessor developers worldwide who have been authorized by Autodesk to develop postprocessors for the manufacturing module of the Autodesk Fabrication family of BIM software - the Fabrication CAMduct, designed for manufacturers of building MEP components (HVAC). One of these selected developers is based in Atlanta, USA, and the other is Arkance Systems in the Czech Republic. At Arkance Systems, we have many years of experience developing and customizing custom CAM postprocessors for dozens of machines and control systems.

So if you don't find a VPL postprocessor file for your cutting, shearing or plasma machine already in the standard Autodesk Fabrication CAMduct offering, you can contact Arkance Systems CZ to develop or customize the new postprocessor you need.

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