The 19th Christmas CAD giveaway by Arkance Systems

With the Year 2022 coming to its end, the joyful Christmas time, we at Arkance Systems CZ continue our long tradition, giving out our CAD presents - our free tools for all CAD users, so they can extend capabilities of their Autodesk design software. But it is not only these Christmas presents - do not miss also hundreds of other useful CAD applications, web tools and CAD/BIM libraries offered for free on our portal

As a part of the tradition, this year's Christmas-tree utilities by Arkance Systems include (all can be downloaded from Freeware):


  • GEarth - linking your georeferenced DWG drawing with an interactive window with the popular mapping application Google Earth directly in AutoCAD or Civil. You might use it e.g. for tracking Santa... See the Tip

  • AutoClass - allows you to automatically classify the properties of DWG drawing objects (lengths, areas, diameters, elevations, volumes...) into separate ranges of colors or layers. See the Tip

  • IncText - renumbers texts in a DWG drawing in an incremental series of numbers. You can use a wide variety of options and style settings. It works with texts, block attributes and with table cells. See the Tip
  • NumInText - performs various types of arithmetic operations with numeric texts or attributes in a DWG drawing - you can add values in bulk, multiply by a factor, round, fill-in, format, and otherwise modify integers and reals in your AutoCAD drawings. See the Tip

  • LookupXLS - lookups and fills in DWG text values from Excel spreadsheets. You can use this "text-feeder" to find and fill-in texts/attributes in DWG drawing from Excel spreadsheets (e.g. from price lists, code lists, product catalogues, phone books, lease contracts, IP addresses, etc.). See the Tip
  • Txt2XLS - transfers selected texts from a DWG drawing to a table in Excel - interactively creates a table of texts from the drawing. See the Tip
  • Random Number Generator - flexible online random number generator for use in CAD applications and elsewhere. Adjustable ranges and generation methods, ability to work with XY and XYZ coordinates. See the section Converters on - random numbers (in Czech)
  • USD Viewer - a universal interactive online viewer of 3D models in the USD/USDz format (incl. materials) can be used in the Converters section of portal - just drag the file from your computer to the viewer window. See the section Converters on - viewer page (in Czech)


  • Class Feeder - a new plugin for Revit that allows you to automatically classify your BIM projects according to the CCI standard chosen for the upcoming BIM mandate in the Czech Republic (and other EU countries). Speed up your BIM project creation. The app is now available for free as a gift. See product page (in Czech).
  • Arkance Systems Dynamo node library for Civil 3D - a free library from our Dutch colleagues, a package with over 800 useful nodes for the Dynamo automation tool in Civil 3D. Plus an example Dynamo script CS_2D points to 3D 1.0.0.dyn for processing points to 3D. The library is available as a package download directly in Dynamo.


  • Assembly COG export - this iLogic macro (rule) for Inventor exports the masses and coordinates of the centers of gravity (COG) of all parts in the current assembly to an Excel spreadsheet (using a template XLSx). Download AssyCOG.
  • Export STL parts - this iLogic macro (rule) for Inventor exports the individual parts of the current assembly to separate STL files for 3D printing. The files are located in the temporary folder C:\TEMP or another preset folder. Download Export STL.
  • Fusion 360 - Open from My Computer - a useful Fusion add-on for faster opening of native .F3D and .F3Z files from your local disk folder. Unzip the archive to a subfolder in API\Addins (see the Tip). Download Open from My Computer.
  • Steel codes - conversion table of steel classes and codes and their designation, according to DIN, CSN, ISO, GOST See the section Converters on - Steel codes (in Czech)

And as usual - all these CAD utilities (and many other) can be found for download on our Freeware download page, some also on Autodesk Apps - or you can still try to write a letter to Santa Arkance Systems.

Best Wishes for the Year 2023

Enjoy Christmas with your families and let's build 2023 together!