Autodesk ReMake changes to ReCap Photo

Autodesk ReMake (originally "Project Memento") is a reverse-engineering application, a complete reality-capture tool for converting 3D scans or photos to high-resolution 3D models. This application now moves to ReCap Photo and becomes a part of the subscription to the existing Autodesk ReCap Pro, a tool for processing point clouds from laser scanning. The user interface in ReCap Photo is almost the same as in the original ReMake. You will install a separate Windows desktop application (64-bit) in addition to ReCap Pro.

Existing ReMake subscribers can continue using ReMake till the end of the current subscription period. The cloud service for converting photographs to 3D models will be only available in ReCap Photo after December 1st 2017. So all subscribers of ReCap Pro now get also the ReCap Photo application (ReMake). The prices of ReCap Pro remains unchanged (the same as for ReMake).

ReCap Photo at work:

Features available in ReCap Photo:
  • New kernel can process up to 1000 photos for a single model/scene, i.e. 4x more than the limit of 250 photos in ReMake.
  • You can set survey points GCP (Ground Control Points) in any coordinate system.
  • New functionality supports vertical and nadir photos (snaps from drones 90 degrees above the site)
  • Viewing meshed and photo-textured 3D models.
  • Viewing orthographic geolocated views, including zooming, and adding measurements, tags and annotations.
  • Sharing projects including added metadata (measurements, tags, annotations) with anyone on the internet.
  • Merging laser-scanned point clouds with drone-acquired point clouds.

With the increased capacity of the conversion service to 1000 photo, you may also need more cloud credits for the individual conversion jobs - the credit consumption depends on the number of converted photos:
1 to 300 photos consumes 12 cloud credits.
301 to 700 photos consumes 30 cloud credits.
701 to 1000 photos consumes 55 cloud credits.

Additional functions of ReCap Photo compared to ReCap Pro:

  • Importing photos in any rectilinear (not spherically distorted) format
  • Importing photos from GoPro (Hero 3+ and Hero 4 Black editions)
  • Support of GPS tags in EXIF for automatic scaling and geolocation of the scene
  • Importing survey points (GCP) in the X,Y,Z, ECEF and LLA formats – WGS84
  • Automatic conversion photo-to-mesh in the RCM, OBJ, FBX formats
  • Automatic conversion photo-to-orthoview and depth-map (GeoTIFF)
  • Automatic conversion photo-point cloud in the RCP/RCS format (e.g. for CAD apps)
  • Web viewing of computed 3D meshes and 2.5D orthoviews
  • The option to process multiple projects in parallel
  • Importing survey points (GCP) in various coordinate systems
  • Tools for mesh editing, hole filling and surface healing
  • Precision reports
  • Measurement tools
  • Tools for comparing 3D mesh models
  • Mesh-decimation and texture-baking tools
  • Exporting in various coordinate systems
  • Video-creation tools

You can also control your projects from ReCap Photo in your web browser on the page

The output from ReCap Pro is compatibile with Revit, AutoCAD, Navisworks, Civil 3D, InfraWorks, 3ds Max, Stingray and more.

More information (in Czech) about Autodesk ReCap Pro and about the former ReMake. ReCap price information - see CAD eShop.