New version of Desktop App with product downloads

A new version of the system component "Autodesk Desktop App" (formerly "Application Manager") now manages not only product updates and learning materials but also the downloads of your Autodesk products. This tool installs automatically with any Autodesk 2017 product, updates itself on-the-fly, and is available (under the origami "A" Autodesk logo) in the Windows system taskbar.

Since version - you can also identify it by its colored left column - you have convenient access (under the first top-left icon "PRODUCTS") to the installation software images of your CAD products, including your personal serial numbers and product keys. So you don't have to go to your Autodesk Account anymore to download software for installations and re-installations. It offers your purchased licenses, made available for you by your company's Account Administrator.

Beside this, you have of course still access to notifications about any released update (service packs, hotfixes) to any of your installed Autodesk software and to the installation of these updates. All these updates on any computer in your company are controlled by your Autodesk software Administrator in his/her Autodesk Account.

You can also download the "Autodesk Desktop App" from our Download page.