Improved "AnyCAD" viewer - Autodesk A360

The weekend update of Autodesk's project management application - A360 Team - brought several bug fixes, easier changes of e-mail addresses or more detailed notifications of project changes. But it also brings a useful new feature in the web 3D viewer.

The CAD viewer embedded in A360 Team can handle virtually any CAD format. Now it supports also interactive sections on 3D models. Just click on the section icon in the viewer bottom toolbar and choose a X-Y-Z section plane or a section box to cut your model. Use the displayed color arrows to drag the required position and rotation of the section plane. The viewer will automatically add hatches for section areas cutting the model mass. You can still interactively orbit and zoom the cut model - so you can easily peek inside large assemblies.

Leaked images promise also one new function of the A360 Viewer to be relased shortly - measuring on 3D models.

DWG is of course one of the main CAD formats supported by the cloud-based A360 Viewer. But it handles not only AutoCAD drawings but also DWG projects containing special AEC objects from AutoCAD Civil 3D, Plant 3D or AutoCAD Architecture. Even these projects can be viewed anywhere, without installing any viewing software. It is not only about viewing, A360 Viewer offers concurrent online team discussions on the model, accessing its properties, displays structure of model, explodes assemblies, searches inside the model, etc. All of this just with your internet browser.

live model:

You can use the free A360 Viewer either as a pure unbundled viewer - see, or as a part of the cloud storage service Autodesk A360 Drive, or as a part of the project management and team collaboration service Autodesk A360 Team. Try yourself viewing of CAD data in almost any file format - more than 70 formats are supported. A360 Viewer works in all web browsers supporting HTML5/WebGL - e.g. Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari. A360 can be used also on mobile devices (as an app or in some mobile web browsers).

The next new feature relates to the mobile version of A360 - "A360 Mobile". This free app for tablets and smartphones running on Android or Apple iOS can now connect also to other cloud services so you can work with CAD data stored e.g. on Dropbox, OneDrive and others. In this way, you can also use your mobile device to access data (2D, 3D, office) in your Autodesk Buzzsaw projects. Just specify your ProjectPoint credentials.