CAD Studio web services statistics 2014

January posts often cover results and achievements of the past year 2012 - including annual web site statistics. Let us look at the figures of the number of visitors and other statistics of CAD Studio's web services. From the more then ten web sites we run to support users of CAD/GIS/PDM software, the most popular sites are: the CAD portal, the company pages, our technical support portal and our company blogs in Czech and English.

The results hit new records in 2014 - especially for CAD Forum:
  • Over 27 mil. pageviews
  • Over 5.3 mil. unique visits
  • Over 588.000 registered users
  • Over 130.000 postings in the discussion forums (CZ+EN)
  • Over 7.000 tips and tricks (in CZ, part in EN)
  • Over 11.390 CAD and BIM blocks and models uploaded by users
  • Over 7.4 mil. downloads of CAD utilities and patches
  • Over 1 TB of transferred web data monthly
  • Top 5 countries with most visits: USA, Czechia, UK, India, Germany

Also social web services by CAD Studio become more and more popular. There are more than 455.000 views of CAD videos on the CAD Studio's YouTube channel, the total of 6.250 fans on our Facebook pages or 926 Twitter followers.

Thanks for your continuing support.