Autodesk Memento copes with very large mesh models

Autodesk just launched a new update of Project Memento, a technology preview Windows application with tools for converting photos and scans into high quality 3D mesh, plus powerful tools for mesh clean up, fixing and optimizing mesh models for further use - e.g. CAD or 3D print. See the announcement on Shaan Hurley's blog.

We have tested the new version of Memento on a large model of "baby alien" from our last year's design contest Hedgehog in cage. The winner, the "Alien" model (with its cage/nest) was designed in 3ds Max and this organic shape is very detailed. Its source .max file has about 700MB, the exported .obj file is a hefty 1.6GB giant. Full detailed STL print file is also over 1GB, and thus many 3D print engines had problems handling it. It was also not easy to view or simplify this large mesh in any 3D software.

Loading this OBJ or STL model into Memento was very fast, about 2:20 min. on a plain home PC with just an integrated graphics card. The model then rotated and zoomed in real time. Individual faces could be easily selected. The native .rcm file has 700MB and it loads instantaneously(!) in Memento. Subsequent OBJ re-export of this model with 50% decimation (simplification) took about 4 minutes (there was not any visible degradation on this 50%-smaller model). You can 3D print on different 3D printers directly from Memento.

Alien OBJ (1.6GB) loaded in Memento

see the details of the model

So if you need to heal, process or 3D print a large mesh model (scanned or modelled), Memento is definitely worth trying.

See Project Memento on Autodesk Beta site.