Stereoscopic viewing of 3D models in Autodesk 360 cloud

If you use a graphics card nVidia Quadro (or other graphics card supporting stereoscopic display) in your computer, you can three-dimensionally view your 3D CAD models stored in the Autodesk 360 cloud. There is no need to pre-process the CAD models nor to install any special viewing software, a standard web viewing functionality of the cloud is used. The models are displayed stereoscopically, with any 3D viewing technology supported by your graphics card.

You need to first setup the stereoscopic mode on your graphics card. Install the latest version of the graphics card driver (full install). On nVidia cards then run the "NVIDIA Control Panel" and in it the task "Set up stereoscopic 3D".

The initial setup will launch the "Setup wizard" where you can choose the required display technology for 3D viewing. If you have no special 3D hardware (glasses), you can use plain paper red-cyan stereoscopic glasses - then use the option "Discover Glasses".

After this initial setup check the option "Enable stereoscopic 3D". This will enable 3D display in games but also in the Google Chrome web browser. Now if you login to your Autodesk 360 account with this browser and if you start a standard full preview of a 3D model from the uploaded documents, the interactive viewer will offer an anaglyph (or other selected) stereo view:

You can rotate/orbit your 3D model and enjoy the 3D experience. Please note the quality of 3D viewing can be sometimes less than ideal - this is not a functionality of the cloud itself but rather a local functionality of Google Chrome and the nVidia driver. Not all cloud-supported (viewable) 3D formats seem to invoke this 3D display mode.

See also other options for stereoscopic 3D display of CAD data - Anaglyph app and