Most products of the Autodesk-2015 family already released

Since the FCS date of the new AutoCAD 2015 (March, 18th), most other products of the "2015" product family have been already released - at least in the original English versions and in main localizations. All new products are available for download on the Subscription Center (ELD, electronic license delivery) and as 30-day Trials on The latest releases as of today are the Product Design and Factory Design Suites, Building Design Suites, 3ds Max and Revit 2015. The list of already released products in English and Czech is maintained on the page Release dates - Autodesk 2015.

There was also a couple of surprises in this year's release process. Starting with premature publishing of AutoCAD 2015 product videos, through a "zero-day" update release (UR1) for Revit 2015 up to the Showcase 2015 first removed and then added back to the Autodesk Product Design Suites. Kudos to Autodesk for listening to users' complaints and quickly adding quite popular Showcase and Alias Design back to the standard set of Product Design Suite tools.

And more Kudos to the Autodesk localization team for releasing localized (in our case Czech) versions of most products so early after the original release. It took weeks less then usual.