New mobile application Autodesk Instant

Autodesk has released a new mobile application that seemingly targets outside of the conventional fields dominated by Autodesk. The application Autodesk Instant for Android and iOS is an "instant messaging" tool designed for team communication, with similar features as the popular application WhatsApp. But don't forget that Autodesk has already a long record of activities also in this "consumer" area of social networking applications - see e.g. his applications Socialcam, Pixlr or Instructables.

Team communication is an important part of the design process. Users now communicate primarily electronically, mostly on mobile devices that allow immediate response, anytime, anywhere. They are using a variety of methods - e-mails, SMS, Skype, Facebook, ICQ, WhatsApp... the range of communication tools is very broad. Autodesk Instant seeks to ensure that the enterpise communication between teams happens in an environment that enterprises can control and that can be easily integrated with existing and future data sharing platforms.

Autodesk Instant is very easy to use, the user is identified by his/her e-mail address, and you can immediately send or receive text messages, images, videos, or location data. If you use company e-mail addresses, users can be automatically organized into groups. If the recipient does not have the Instant application installed, the message is automatically delivered via a regular SMS.

A platform for instant communication can be an important addition to the Autodesk 360 services for online workflows and can facilitate project collaboration in distributed teams. An integration with other Autodesk tools is planned. Autodesk Instant for mobile devices based on Android and iOS is currently available only for North American users. A later release will be available worldwide.

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