Inventor on an iPad? Simply - with Autodesk Remote.

This summer, Autodesk introduced an interesting application for remote access to desktop CAD software - Autodesk Remote. This application was available only in North America but now it is released worldwide.

Autodesk Remote (former "Project Blink") is one of the benefits for Subscription customers, available to any Autodesk product. You can download this application from the appstore "Autodesk Exchange Apps. You need to install it both on the workstation with your CAD software and on the remote computer which will be used to control your CAD. Both parts of the application support Windows 7 and Windows 8. But you can also use an Apple iPad tablet as the remote computer (a lightweight "thin client"). The neccessary iOS version of Autodesk Remote can be downloaded from Apple iTunes.

After you connect both parts of the application and login with your "Autodesk ID", you can use the client computer (from home, from site, while travelling) to control CAD software and other applications running on your workstation. There are many existing tools for remote access but Autodesk Remote has advantages in simple installation, its independence on IT infrastructure and embedded optimizations for CAD graphics, especially for Autodesk Inventor (version 2013 and higher). Remote can also handle (map) multi-touch gestures from tablets (pinch etc.). Common "office" applications for remote access do not support DirectX 10/11 nor OpenGL. So the increased performance and low latency of remote operations, even in 3D CAD software operated through Autodesk Remote is limited only by the speed of your internet connectivity.

So now you don't need to split up with your beloved Inventor, Revit or Civil even when you leave your office.

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