Hedgehog in the Cage - winners of the 3D contest

CAD Studio has organized a designer contest "Hedgehog in the Cage" in cooperation with the CAXMIX magazine and with 3D-tisk.cz. "Hedgehog in the Cage" (in Czech "Ježek v kleci") is the most popular mechanical puzzle in the Czech Republic, featured in adventure stories by J.Foglar. This puzzle has origins in the United States - see Hedgehog in the Cage in Wikipedia.

The contest task was to design an innovation of the well known Foglar's puzzle for the 21st century, using any Autodesk 3D design product and submit this design through the Autodesk 360 cloud. All submitted works were designed either in Autodesk Inventor or in Autodesk 3ds Max.

The contest winner, awarded the grand prize - Apple iPad Mini, is Mr. Marek Janáček with his amazing and highly detailed science-fiction "hedgehog" taking a form of an embryo from the famous Alien movie, and its organic-shape nest. The prize will be handed over at the upcoming conference CADforum 2013. First three competitors will also receive a physical model of their designs, printed on a 3D printer.

Awarded designs:

1st place - Marek Janáček
1st place - Marek Janáček - the Aliens

2nd place - Martin Vaněček

3rd place - Jan Horák

Congratulations to all winners!