AutoCAD WS grows and graduates to AutoCAD 360

ACAD360AutoCAD cloud version - AutoCAD WS - is one of the most successful free applications by Autodesk. Since its launch two years ago it was downloaded already by 12 million users. An enhanced version of this software now becomes part of the "Autodesk 360" cloud family and its name is changed to Autodesk AutoCAD 360.

The mobile and web application AutoCAD 360 allows to edit, view, measure, print, share and redline AutoCAD DWG drawings anywhere and on any device - from a mobile phone, over tablet and notebook to a desktop computer with any operating system.

AutoCAD 360 is available either as a web application running in an internet browser (now uses the HTML5 technology), or as a mobile application for Android and Apple iOS. The mobile version exists not only as a free tool but also as a professional commercial version "Pro" or "Pro plus" with larger storage capacity, enhanced functionality and priority support.

AutoCAD 360 web

Besides system enhancements, the new AutoCAD 360 brings also a couple of new functions - e.g. multiline text or the "Smart Pen" function converting roughly sketched lines to precise shapes, e.g. squares and circles. AutoCAD 360 is integrated with other Autodesk 360 cloud services and with desktop versions of AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT.

Compare versions:
  • The free mobile version of AutoCAD 360 offers roughly the same function set as the original AutoCAD WS Mobile, including 5GB secure cloud storage.
  • The Pro version ($4.99/monthly) adds support for larger DWG drawings (up to 30MB), you can create new drawings from scratch, edit DWG drawings from other cloud storage services (Dropbox, Egnyte, Buzzsaw, or other WebDAV services), use advanced editing tools, layer management, work with block libraries and edit block attributes.
  • The Pro Plus version ($99.99/yearly) adds support for drawings up to 40MB and storage with a capacity of 100GB.

Other information can be found on the page AutoCAD 360 and on the web You can immediately download the mobile AutoCAD 360 to your device from iTunes or from Google Play - see the links on Autodesk mobile apps, or run the new web version from