Autodesk 123D Design - 3D modeling for everyone

Not only an easy to use 3D modeling but also 3D printing and CNC machining is now available for free for everyone and virtually on any device. The family of web cloud applications Autodesk 123D was extended with the "123D Design" tool - a very easy 3D modeling application, which runs directly in your web browser (recommended: Google Chrome), on Apple iPad, or as a Windows or Mac desktop application.

3D models can be composed from preset modeling primitives, from parametric parts, it is possible to work with materials and colors. You can edit your models with direct editing, apply chamfers and fillets, shelling and similar operations. The created models can be stored in a web cloud repository, can be sent to 3D printing or to CNC machining. The CNC code is generated according to specified parameters using the CAM kernel from the recently acquired Autodesk HSMworks - see the kernel window:

The FAB module in action (video):

The resulting G-code has similar format to:

If you thought 3D modeling is complicated, realize that it is not.

You can launch the free design application "123D Design" directly from your browser (requires to download a small plugin, for the first time only), on an iPad (see mobile tools), or download it to your Windows or Mac computer from


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