New mobile AutoCAD WS 1.5 with Design Feed

The popular mobile and web version of AutoCAD - AutoCAD WS - offers in its recent version 1.5 a new function - "Design Feed". With Design Feed you can attach comments and discussion posts directly to individual elements of your drawing and share them with other users. This simplifies communication and team collaboration on designs and drawings - either among your design team, communication with your clients, or communication with the building site. Discussions and problem solving can happen directly "inside" the DWG drawing. AutoCAD WS connects CAD with the world of social networks.

Other new functions in the version 1.5 are e.g. tagging and inserting photos - e.g. site photos.

The free AutoCAD WS 1.5 for online and offline viewing and editing of DWG drawings on your tablet or mobile phone based on the Android or Apple iOS platforms can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store or from Google Play (see also Download). The web version on is updated automatically.