Artoo cleans up your GIS data

Artoo (probably from the R2-D2) is a useful tool for all of us who work with external GIS data connected (or imported) to AutoCAD Map 3D. Project Artoo is an add-on tool for Map 2013 and it is available as a "technology preview" from Autodesk Labs.

For the data connected via FDO, Artoo offers the same cleanup functionality as Map offers today for GIS data in the DWG format. Cleaning data is an important step before you can apply any topological features on the source data. With Artoo you can break crossing objects, delete duplicates, extend undershoots, snap clustered nodes, erase zero-length and short objects, erase dangling objects, dissolve pseudo-nodes, simplify objects, weed polylines, remove sliver polygons, re-form polygons and correct duplicate points.

All of this can be done on any data source connected via FDO, e.g. SDF, SQLite, ESRI SHP, Geodatabase, or spatial databases Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle Spatial.

You can download Project Artoo from Autodesk Labs and the preview expires March 12th, 2013. Those who know can deduct what does it mean for the functionality of AutoCAD Map 3D 2014 ...