Autodesk ForceEffect Motion - simulation of kinematic mechanisms on iPad

ForceEffect Motion
Autodesk ForceEffect Motion is an interesting extension of the functionality introduced in the recently released mobile application Autodesk ForceEffect.

The "Motion" version of Autodesk ForceEffect allows to analyze and simulate moving kinematic mechanisms and mechanical systems. So you can examine different concepts of the designed machines and perform engineering calculations on the screen of your iPad.

Main features:
  • Freehand sketching of elements and construction lines with snaps, constraints, inferencing and dimensions
  • Import and adjust image as background
  • Create functional mechanical joints (welded, pinned, sliding, collar, crossing)
  • Create supports (fixed pin, grounded, sliding collar)
  • Mechanism animation and functional drag
  • Analyze positional data by adding trace points (trace path, velocity vectors)
  • Interactive graphing of trace points (velocity, displacement, acceleration)
  • Create Actuators (motors, linear)
  • Results reporting with picture, animation, graph and graph data table
  • Save and load files from Autodesk Cloud
  • Export mechanism directly to ForceEffect to easily conduct static load analysis
Autodesk ForceEffect Motion can be freely downloaded from Apple iTunes.