Top five reasons to use AutoCAD WS

The new version of the free mobile AutoCAD - AutoCAD WS Mobile 1.4 - brings 3 major enhancements: 3D, GPS support and plotting/ePrint (see the release announcement).

AutoCAD WS Mobile can be used on any mobile phone or tablet with the operating systems Google Android or Apple iOS. This mobile version of AutoCAD uses web cloud technology to enhance the desktop version of AutoCAD 2012. You can use AutoCAD WS to synchronize, view, measure, markup and edit DWG drawings anywhere you are.

Autodesk mentions 5 top reasons to use AutoCAD WS:
  • Provides access to DWG files to all your team members - on site and on the road
  • Connects securely to your enterprise data (e.g. to your company SharePoint server), with security comparable to online banking
  • You can edit DWG files both online and offline (offline mode not supported in the browser version of AutoCAD WS)
  • Seamlessly integrates with AutoCAD and LT - synchronization, timeline/audit changes
  • It is FREE, and available for multiple platforms

You can download the latest version of AutoCAD WS from your "Market" (Android or Apple).