AutoCAD 2013 - What's new

This year, due to an information leak on the Autodesk Japan web site, news about the new AutoCAD version are spreading earlier than the usual mid-end of March. So what can we expect from the new AutoCAD 2013?

Here are some of the new features, full disclosure will be available only at the release date of AutoCAD 2013:

  • New drawing file format DWG2013 with better thumbnails and faster 3D
  • An interactive command line (transparent, mouse-controlled)
  • Extraction of isolines from 3D surfaces
  • Enhanced arrays
  • Enhanced hatch editing
  • In-canvas preview when editing properties
  • Enhanced point clouds (clipping, xref, intensity, context ribbon)
  • Enhanced PressPull
  • Strike-through text
  • Import of Inventor IPT files
  • Enhanced Autodesk Exchange Apps - application marketplace
  • Automated synchronization of drawings with Autodesk Cloud
  • Cloud-synchronization of user settings for multiple AutoCAD installations
  • Enhanced documentation of 3D models - details, sections, associative dimensions...
  • Enhanced API
More information about the history of AutoCAD (in Czech) at our AutoCAD page.