Autodesk ForceEffect 2.0 and other mobile applications

Autodesk is not only a leading developer of CAD, GIS a multimedia desktop software, they develop also many interesting mobile applications for the growing market of Android smartphones, tablets, and Apple iPads and iPhones. There already 14 of these apps.

The newest kid in this block is the mobile engineering application Autodesk ForceEffect 2.0. This innovative piece of software can be used on an iPad, iPod or iPhone to sketch a mechanism (e.g. on a background photo) and simulate the loads, reactions and force distribution in this mechanism. So you can quickly locate a possible problem or evaluate your engineering ideas and concepts.

You can specify the individual forces (points), or add a force evenly distributed along an existing element at any angle. Element weights can take part in reaction calculations. Data can be stored in your Autodesk Cloud Documents web storage space, together with your other CAD data (from AutoCAD, AutoCAD WS, Inventor Publisher Mobile, etc.). ForceEffect is free for a limited time.

Two other Autodesk mobile applications were just awarded in "Best App Ever Awards 2011" - SketchBook Pro won in the category "Best Artistic App" and Pixlr-o-Matic won in the category "Best Photo Editing App".

Most of the Autodesk mobile applications are free or almost free, for a symbolic price. You can download them directly from your mobile device, from the respective store - Apple Apps (iTunes) or Android Market.