Autodesk 123D Make - not only for 3D toys

The new web version of Autodesk 123D Make is another example of cloud services provided by Autodesk. The application 123D Make is a part of the "DIY" family Autodesk 123D. You can use these 3D applications - for free - for 3D scanning/capturing (123D Catch), modeling (123D), sculpting (123D Sculpt) and fabrication (Make 123D) of real-world 3D objects.

The applications "123D" are available since May 2011 and are continuously improved since then. So far, the most popular components of this set was the 123D Catch (former PhotoFly) for creating 3D models from photographs, and the free 3D modeler 123D based on Inventor Fusion. The application 123D Make was previously available only in a version for Mac, so its audience was quite limited.

123D Make is now available as a web application so it can run directly in your web browser (recommended: Google Chrome or Firefox) from Any 3D model can be used in 123D Make - it will slice the model into a pattern of flat parts that can be cut and assembled back into the model. 123D Make generates a plan (drawing) of the individual numbered 2D slices. In the USA, you can have the resulting slices laser-cut and sent the manufactured ​​cardboard kit via a 3rd party vendor. 3D models can be imported in the STL format (stereolithography), the same format as is used for 3D printing. STL format can be exported from AutoCAD, Inventor and other 3D CAD software. The resulting 2D drawings (nested laser-cuts) can be downloaded in the EPS format.

Try it yourself - it is fun.


  1. By "any 3d model" you mean I can just use a 3d scanning software for my subject and then post-process it in 123D Make? Perfect!


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