Does it have a command line? It must be AutoCAD!

A couple of days ago, Autodesk has released a new AutoCAD WS for Mac and updated its mobile versions for iOS and Android. Today, they have released also an updated version of AutoCAD WS for web browsers, i.e. on the former platform of this free "online" AutoCAD.

Similarly to the previous versions - you don't have to buy or install anything - just run AutoCAD WS using your web browser on Then you can weork with DWG drawings, uploaded either manually or synchronized automatically through the "online" ribbon in AutoCAD 2012.

The latest version of AutoCAD WS introduces the command line. This makes it - at least psychologically - a true AutoCAD. We are considering adding the flag "supported in WS" to our AutoCAD commands database, but given the pace of development of the WS-version, the database maintenance would be a Sisyphean task. AutoCAD WS can be also still controlled without the command line, through the toolbar icons. The list of supported editing and drawing commands in AutoCAD WS was enhanced by hatching, inserting of raster images (similarly to drawing and xrefs you have to upload the first), setting the background color, extending the number of selectable objects to 200, and dimension editing.

AutoCAD WS becomes more and more the top choice for viewing, markup, co-editing, measuring and publishing of 2D DWG drawings on any computer.