Get your AutoCAD add-on through Autodesk Apps

Autodesk has just launched a new online tool providing access to many add-on applications directly from AutoCAD 2012 - Autodesk Apps - an Autodesk Exchange store (a kind of "Autodesk Market" similar to Android Market or Apple iTunes).

CAD Studio was one of several companies - developers from around the world who have participated on testing of this new "Marketplace" for AutoCAD users. So today you can find also several popular CAD Studio's freeware and shareware applications on the Apps store. The Apps tab is available in the English language interface of the Exchange window - see the AutoCAD command EXCHANGE (in any language version of AutoCAD 2012).

Through the new tab "Apps" in the standard "Autodesk Exchange" window in AutoCAD 2012, users can download (or buy) and automatically install more than 100 add-on applications and block libraries. All the Apps tools were pre-tested by Autodesk and confirmed as safe to use. Another advantage is that you do not have to worry about installing and launching the individual tools - the applications from the Apps store are installed automatically and they integrate themselves into the AutoCAD menu structure (CUI ribbon). Most applications were developed by members of the Autodesk Developer Network (ADN).

Add-on applications available on the Apps tab in Autodesk Exchange can be either freeware, or trial software, or may be commercial applications that can be purchased directly through PayPal.

“We use GeoRefImg and other plug-in modules by CAD Studio every day. These small add-ons save time when completing projects in AutoCAD Architecture and, above all; we value the ability of CAD Studio to tailor these add-ons to continuously suit our needs.”
Rostislav Říha, CEO
Czech Republic
All the CAD Studio's software available online on the Autodesk Apps tab can be also downloaded separately (even for older versions of AutoCAD) from the CAD Studio Download page.