Can your AutoCAD talk?

Yes it can. Any Windows version of AutoCAD can access the system "voice" API and send output through this "speech" interface. With surprisingly little programming (in VisualLISP, VBA, or .NET) you can "tell" various important messages to your AutoCAD operators.

This can be used not only for obvious office pranks but also for much more serious applications and productivity add-ons. You just get another communication channel to the user. So you can give him/her important system notifications, advices and warnings.

Our SPEAK Lisp utility contains some examples of the speech output functions and voice-reactors. E.g. warning on an attempt to draw on a locked layer, "narrated" layer list, etc. The Speak.vlx add-on utility can be downloaded for free from and its source code is available upon request. You can extend it to fit your needs. Here are the examples on video: