Autodesk Neon renders your Revit projects

The web-cloud rendering service Autodesk Project Neon now supports not only DWG scenes from AutoCAD but also Revit projects.

Project Neon comes from Autodesk Labs and it was launched about 1 year ago.

Revit projects cannot be uploaded directly as RVT files but you need to install a Revit 2012 plugin which converts your scenes to an intermediate format SPD. The rendering process is then similar to that of DWG. After you login to you can choose the scene, camera, the requested resolution (up to 2000px), the rendering quality and the output format of the resulting picture. You can wait for the rendering "online", or you can set Neon to send you a notification e-mail with a link to pick up your picture (JPG, PNG or TIFF).

Neon rendering is about 160x faster than on a standard workstation. We have performed some tests comparing the quality and performance of the standard (local) rendering and Neon cloud-rendering:

The performance gains are most obvious in the best rendering quality. Local rendering was performed on a computer with Intel Core i7 2.8 GHz, 64-bit OS.

Option Draft, resolution 1000px
Neon: 24 sec
Revit: 37 sec

Option High, resolution 1000px
Neon: 5:42 min
Revit: 12:46 min

Option Best, resolution 2000px
Neon: 32 min
Revit: 3 hrs 40 min