New CAD Studio blog in Czech

Thousands of users of Autodesk's software already use some of our community web services as their source of technical information. CAD Studio runs quite a number of such web resources - most of them are primarly targeted to Czech and Slovak users (see an overview) - the CAD Forum portal (also in EN+DE), CAD wiki, Helpdesk, YouTube CAD videos, Facebook and Twitter channel, etc.

Since summer 2008 we contribute to the popular Civil 3D blog, focused on terrain modeling, road design and utilities. For those designers who work more above ground and handle "walls" we now start a new technical blog "Na zdi" (on the wall) -

Na zdi

This new blog contains tips and comments to the Autodesk CAD/BIM building software technology. The main tool for this area is Autodesk Revit Architecture. It offers functions for conceptual design, 3D modeling, schedules, creating drawing sheets, visualizations and publishing of projects. Revit also contains tools for design of carbon-neutral buildings.

Despite that the new blog and most of the other above mentioned web services are in Czech, you can use Google Translate to convert them to English or other language automatically.