How good is your CAD hardware?

The "customer involvement program" (CIP) is a tool for online reporting of software bugs and of the ways how customers use AutoCAD, Inventor and other Autodesk products. The offer to take part in this program is displayed when you launch AutoCAD - you may remember this picture:

Customer involvement (CZ version)
This tool can help you to get help or a fix if your application happen to crash. Autodesk is also using the anonymous data collected through this tool to optimize the user interface and the most used commands.

If you have refused your participation initially, you can change your mind using the Help menu item (question mark) or with the command CUSTOMERINVOLVEMENTPROGRAM (a long name...).

The dialog Autodesk Customer Involvement contains also one interesting function. You can compare the main hardware parameters of your CAD workstation with the average of other users in the world. In the above dialog, click on the link "Preview my CIP data" and it displays a web page containing information about your system and the average values of RAM+VRAM memory, graphics resolution and the operating system used by you and your peers from all over the world:

Compare your workstation