Autodesk and Cloud computing - they really mean it

Autodesk takes the web cloud computing seriously. And I am not talking just about the latests tools from Autodesk Labs - various web-based tools are available from Autodesk for several years already. Maybe they were not called by the popular buzzword "cloud" at that time but they are web-based services and they are scalable so they are true "cloud tools".

All these tools with very different functionality prove that cloud computing is today a real thing in the CAD industry.

Here is the list compiled by Scott Sheppard, the comments are mine:

  1. Buzzsaw

    Project Management for AEC - probably the oldest commercial Autodesk web based tool

  2. Constructware

    Construction Management

  3. Green Building Studio

    Energy/Sustainability Analysis - globalized recently and now available for all AEC subscription customers; we have developed one of the first GBS plugins, for Architecture Desktop 3.3

  4. Autodesk Seek

    Product content and search

  5. Project Butterfly

    2D SaaS CAD and Collaboration - a "web-based AutoCAD" tool, a very clever technology allowing to work in a graphics-intensive CAD application in "real-time"

  6. Homestyler

    2D/3D Consumer Home Design & Content - former Dragonfly, very nice tool, for non-CAD users, even your grandma can use it - definitely try it

  7. Project Showroom

    Consumer Home Design, Rendering - little bit hidden among all these Autodesk's rendering technologies

  8. Project Freewheel

    2D/3D Drawing Viewing, Collaboration - DWF online tool/viewer

  9. Project Draw

    2D Diagramming Tool - IMHO this technology is now being replaced by Butterfly

  10. Project Twitch

    Rapid Application Delivery, Remoting, Trials - not applicable in our part of the globe

  11. Inventor

    Cloud Design Optimization Service - currently N/A in Europe

  12. Project Neon

    Cloud Rendering Service - a perfect example of cloud computing - this is an ideal use of the "unlimited" computing power of web clouds - definitely try it

  13. Project Cumulus

    Cloud FEA/CFD Computation Service - TBA?

  14. Project Photofly

    Cloud Image to Model computation Service - another good example of complex computations performed as "black magic" somewhere in the cloud, but some steps in the photo-to-model workflow are still missing

  15. Project Bluestreak

    Cloud collaboration platform - web file manager, good interactivity employing Ajax, but one of many

  16. CommunityCommands
    for AutoCAD

    New command discovery based on community - a small web tool, not really a true "cloud" application

My favorites are the Project Neon and Homestyler.

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