FDO LineStyle for easier GIS maps

FDO LS ribbonIn our communication with customers and other CAD/GIS users we often hear questions and proposals to simplify and streamline everyday work with CAD and GIS software. We at CAD Studio (former: XANADU) try to "materialize" these inducements into specific add-on applications, which customize or add the missing functionality to the existing Autodesk products. We then provide the absolute majority of such add-on applications for free - for download from the page Xanadu freeware.

A new application of this freeware category is the tool for creation of custom linestyles for GIS maps. XANADU FDO LineStyle is an AutoCAD add-on which converts the geometry of selected drawing objects to the XML definition of linetypes(line symbols) used for FDO layers of GIS maps in AutoCAD Map, Autodesk Topobase and MapGuide. Without this tool, you would need to create your new custom linetypes through manual editing of codes in XML files.

You can find more information and download of this .Net utility on the page Xanadu FDO LineStyle.

FDO LineStyles