List of AutoCAD commands and variables

With the localized versions of AutoCAD 2010 being released in these days, we have updated our list and dictionary of AutoCAD command names and variables. This database now contains all AutoCAD commands and variables, including those introduced in AutoCAD 2010.

AutoCAD command names in different localization languages (currently: EN, DE, FR, IT, CZ, PT, RU) can be important for local users and application developers supporting multiple languages. This is now even more important as AutoCAD 2010 introduces the "language pack" concept - additional languages can be now installed on top of the primary installed version.

In the command database, you can also inspect commands introduced in a specific AutoCAD version, find obsolete commands, discover undocumented commands, compare the limitations (missing commands) of the AutoCAD LT version, lookup commands from a fragment of the command name, etc.