Czech Telefonica O2 relies on GIS by XANADU

GIS at Telefonica O2The implementation and support of a large GIS system running at the leading integrated telecommunications operator in the Czech market, the Telefonica O2, is carried out by CAD Studio Inc. (former: XANADU Inc). Our GIS solution is based on Autodesk MapGuide and Autodesk Topobase.

Telefonica O2 Czech Republic is operating more than seven million mobile and fixed lines, and it is also a leading provider of information and communications services.
O2 manages an extensive network of copper and optical fiber cables. Records of both networks are supported by two solutions: a stand-alone data capture and cleanup system and a data presentation and access system. Various employees use the data in these systems, including engineers and sales team sales teams. In addition, the investment team uses the data to analyze customer connections to determine where to expand the network. The security team assesses flood or storm areas that might affect service outages. And, the marketing department uses the information to create telecommunications service coverage maps.

Telefónica O2 wanted to create a tool for various geo-analyses. To do this, the company needed to visualize its CAD data in a simple, intuitive environment to support a range of enterprise processes and functions. One of the company’s main goals was to establish environment for start documentation creation, which serves as the basis for investment operations such as adding new cables, new customer connections and more.

This system is pivotal as it helps to create a rough scheme of the future network. It is based on information about the existing infrastructure and helps to produce an accurate investment estimate. Telefónica O2 designed the automated presentation environment to replace the need to tediously gather data from specialists in more than 70 documentation departments across the Czech Republic. The data are currently stored in only 13 districts and they are easily accessible by collaborating project members.

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