AutoCAD localized versions

One of the reasons AutoCAD became so popular is and was its early localization into many languages. E.g. the first Czech version of AutoCAD was already the AutoCAD R10 from October 1988. The XANADU company was involved in AutoCAD localizations into Czech since AutoCAD Rel.13.

In current versions, AutoCAD is available in 14 language versions. European and Asian languages play an important role here - also in the sales results. The languages 2-5 are the primary group of "FIGS" localizations, but all language localizations are now released just a couple of weeks after the release of the original, US-English version of AutoCAD. A similar range of localizations is offered also for other Autodesk software (Inventor, Revit, Civil3D...).

Language versions of AutoCAD:

  1. Original English version (en-US)

  2. French version ("F", fr-FR)

  3. Italian version ("I", it-IT)

  4. German version ("G", de-DE)

  5. Spanish version ("S", es-ES)

  6. Portuguese (Brazilian) version (pt-BR)

  7. Czech version (cs-CZ)

  8. Russian version (ru-RU)

  9. Polish version (pl-PL)

  10. Hungarian version (hu-HU)

  11. Japanese version (ja-JP)

  12. Korean version (ko-KR)

  13. Chinese version, simplified (zh-CN)

  14. Chinese version, traditional (zh-TW)

The vocabulary of AutoCAD commands in the main languages (1-8) is available on the web - see AutoCAD commands.