Utilities updated for AutoCAD 2009

The regular one-year release cycle of Autodesk software puts some pressure not only on the users but also on the application developers. We at XANADU regularly rewrite (or rather just update and recompile) the suite of our AutoCAD and Inventor add-on applications every spring and summer. Good news is that all the hundreds of free LISP utilites we offer for download are upwards compatible by default and need no maintenance - most of them work with no modfications since AutoCAD Release 12 up to the latest AutoCAD 2009.

The latest applications we have updated on the AutoCAD 2009 level are Excellink 2009 and VRML Export 2009. Excellink hot-links AutoCAD block attributes and geometry with data in Excel sheets. VRML Exports saves AutoCAD 3D geometry to the VRML (.wrl) "virtual reality" files. You can find more information on www.cadstudio.cz/en/develop